What is going on at 28.322 MHz

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Hi beacon hunters,
I would like to share with you what is happening in Italy on and around 28.322 MHz. (Yes, 28 three two two, outside the official beacon band)

A group of HAMs interested in low power (< 100mW) and extreme narrow bandwidth modes (such as QRSS3) have been promoting this side of HAM radio operations in the past months. The center of QRSS activity is on 30m band (10140.000-10140.100 kHz), but life obligations might allow operators to experiment only at night or when the band (30m) is closed.

We have therefore started a test project on 10m. The basic idea is to run as many QRPp/QRSS beacons as possible, in order to cover most of the Italian territory with a 24/7 receivable QRSS signal for listeners to experiment with Argo and such software.

All beacon transmitters are homebrew and send a CW ID + a QRSS code-letter to be identified. Their transmissions are not synchronized, but their operating frequency is kept far apart (in QRSS terms) so that beacon signals do not overlap.

At the present time active signals are:
- 28321.93, IK1ZYW from JN35tc, Torino
- 28322.1 IS0GSR from JM49jn, nr. Cagliari
- 28322.5 I1DFS from JN54ac, nr. La Spezia

Running an audio spectrum analysis software on 28321.9 with a bandwidth of 600 Hz (Spectrum Laboratory comes to my mind) allows visualizing all three beacons.

Two more beacons are planned, one near Genova and another near Rome.

Current active stations belong to different Sporadic-E "regions", so "DX" listeners should not hear them at the same time.

Reports are obviously welcome.